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New & Used Commercial Vehicle Financing

Please allow our team of professionals to find the finance package that best suits your business needs. We offer a wide variety of retail finance or lease packages. Truck Bodies and other attached equipment can be included with your finance package. Extended warranty and scheduled maintenance packages can also be added.

TRAC lease

Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause leases, or TRAC leases, allow you to get the equipment your business needs at the lowest possible rate. This means a lower monthly payment for you and more cash on hand for your business operations. Keep in mind, your business will still hold the depreciation benefits, and the tax savings are passed along to you through your lower payments. Not to mention, your payments are completely tax-deductible.

Equipment lease

Our standard equipment lease is a tax lease on non-titled equipment. Trans Lease takes on the risk of ownership, and you are allowed to claim the entire amount of the lease rental as a tax deduction. There are a variety of lease options available for you for this type of equipment.

Loan & security agreement

Purchasing a vehicle? A Loan & Security Agreement sets you up with a lease that gives you the equipment on a fixed rate basis. You can better utilize your operating capital on potential market expansion, deflecting rising costs with the flexibility of convenience and an additional option for equipment cycling over time.

FMV lease

Fair Market Value Leases, or FMVs, offer you the literal Fair Market Value of the vehicle. This value is determined by evaluating the potential value between a willing buyer and a willing seller, based on similar vehicles, terms, and conditions. The vehicle remains under the lending company’s ownership. It’s important to note that mileage caps may apply to this lease.

Installment lease

Looking for a lease with a fixed purchase option when the lease terms? An Installment lease may be the right plan for you. Upon execution of the lease terms, the ownership of the vehicle and subsequent tax benefits immediately pass along to you. When the lease terms, there are typically no additional payments and you retain ownership of the vehicle.

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Our Financial Services Include

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