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Why should I sell my RV for cash?

Selling your RV for cash brings peace of mind. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of consignment or the stress of potentially getting a damaged and dirty RV returned to you.

How do I save money when I sell my RV for cash vs. consign my RV?

Skip the commission fees you usually incur during consignment when you sell your RV to Boyer Trucks! You also won’t have to worry about consignment insurance or cleaning and preparation fees. Selling your RV will allow you to get your loan paid off right away and stop interest payments.

How fast is the process to sell my RV?

Boyer Trucks make the RV selling process fast and easy. We’ll get you an offer quickly so you can get cash for your RV as soon as possible!

Can I sell my RV at any Boyer Trucks location?

Yes! Visit any of our locations to sell your RV today.

What is my RV worth?

We diligently follow the market to be extremely knowledgeable about the current prices of RVs. You can trust that we’ll offer a fair price and a hassle-free sales process at Boyer Trucks.

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